Task Scheduler (Opencart 2)

Task Scheduler (Opencart 2)
Product Code: O2-020
Price: $20.00 $14.95

The extension enables automatic execution of the adapted module code (compatible with "Task Scheduler API") according to any schedule.

By default it includes the following tasks:
- downloading a file from ftp (port 21 only)
- downloading a file from public http/https locations
- requesting any http/https URL (it is useful for executing some 3rd party scripts which are supposed to be calling periodically)

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File Size Compatible Opencart Versions Added
ka_scheduler_ver2.1.1.ocmod.zip 63.62KB,,,,, 2017-08-11 01:15:54
ka_scheduler_ver2.2.4.ocmod.zip 60.25KB 2017-08-11 01:15:54
ka_scheduler_ver2.3.2.3.ocmod.zip 81.35KB,,, 2020-12-25 09:30:32
ka_scheduler_ver2.3.3.0.ocmod.zip 82.86KB,,, 2020-12-25 09:30:32
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