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This is a free product. You can download files right on this page in the 'files' tab below.

This is a beta version of the module. We provide it as is. Your feedback is appreciated.

The 'Milena' theme is aimed to help an administrator to give the store a distinct look with minimum changes. The theme layout is very similar to the default Opencart theme, but we redesigned some templates and 3rd party extensions may require adaptation to that theme.

The administrator can alter several parameters:

- header and footer images

- colors of theme elements

- make the website layout wider (additional elements were added to the 'Design Layout' page)

The theme includes a few modules:

- live search (gives instant results in the top search block)

- 'featured categories' module

- 'featured links' module 

- 'Recently viewed' module - shows recently viewed products.

The theme requires the latest 'Ka Extensions' library 4.1.1.x that is in the beta stage. The theme itself is in the beta stage. So, we do not recommend to install it to live environments, but it can be used as a base for new stores.

Demo store


The theme can be seen at this URL:

Admin access:

admin login: demo

admin password: demo

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