CSV Product Import (Opencart 4)

CSV Product Import (Opencart 4)
CSV Product Import (Opencart 4)
Product Code: O4-002
Price: $20.00
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This extension adds the ability to import products from a file in csv format. The file can contain all standard product fields and custom fields in product / product_description. The extension automatically creates category and manufacturer records in the store.

There are no size limitations for the import file. It splits the import to parts, displaying intermediate results every 10-15 seconds by default.

Different file charsets are supported (for example, UTF-8, Windows-1251) but you should be aware of the file charset before you start the import.

A sample CSV file can be downloaded here:
A file with a sample product variants can be downloaded here:


Demo store

Front-end URL: http://demo4000.ka-station.com/

Store back-end URL: http://demo4000.ka-station.com/admin/

Admin login: demo

Password: demo

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