Extensions for Opencart 3

Here is list of available extensions for Opencart 3 versions. Extensions will be added there one by one as soon as they are re-implemented from the previous version.

Free Shipping Teaser (Opencart 3)
With this extension you can show customers a message how much they need to spend to get the free ..
Task Scheduler (Opencart 3)
The extension enables automatic execution of the adapted module code (compatible with "Task Sched..
SEO URLs for Extra Pages (Opencart 3)
The extension adds the ability to specify SEO URLs for extra pages. DEMO STORE ===========..
Category Filter (Opencart 3)
The extension helps an administrator to find categories on the category list page in the store ba..
Price Drop Notifications (Opencart 3)
After installing this extension, customers may subscribe for price decrease on specific products...
Tracking Numbers (Opencart 3)
The extension allows to add tracking numbers to customer orders. Customers can see the tracking n..
Restricted Product Access (Opencart 3)
This extension allows to show products to specified customer groups only. If the user does not be..
Cost Price and Profit (Opencart 3)
The extensions add a new cost price field to the product edit page and to the product option..
Wholesale Prices Display (Opencart 3)
The extension shows wholesale (discount) product prices on the category list and product search p..
Direct Order Links (Opencart 3)
The extension allows customers to view their order without a need to log  in. A direct link ..
Option Values Pagination (Opencart 3)
The extensions adds pagination for option values on the option edit page in the store back-end. I..
Hidden Products (Opencart 3)
The extension enables hiding a product in the front-end. The product can be accessed by a direct ..
Extended Zones (Opencart 3)
The extension allows to define subzones inside standard opencart zones which are distinguished by..
Product Payment Methods (Opencart 3)
The extension allows to specify payment methods applicable to the product. At the checkout there ..
Product Files (Opencart 3)
The extension allows administrators to specify files available to customers on the product page. ..
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