[DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3)

[DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3)
[DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3) [DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3) [DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3) [DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3) [DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3) [DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3) [DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3)
Product Code: O3-012
Price: $20.00

This extension was discontinued and replaced by the advanced product filter extension available here:


Existing users can exchange the license of this extension for free.


The extension offers customers to find products by a price range on the category page and the product search page. It takes into account special prices and prices defined for customer groups. It can search by prices with taxes but with a specific tax/geo zone configuration only.

The extension can show the price range selector on a standard product search page like this one:

Another place where the price range shows in the store is category pages like this:

For category pages, the extension uses the standard Opencart filter module therefore it has to be enabled and added to the category layout. But there is no need to specify filters for categories or products. It may show price range selector without any filter data.

Demo Store
login: demo
password: demo

The store is cleaned up every day. All changes will be lost.

Release notes
- User interface is in English language only.

Limitations and Restrictions
- the extension uses price cache data and it has to be rebuilt periodically. We include a free module into this release for automatic price rebuild but it requires a cron configuration on your server;
- prices with taxes can be searched only when all requirements are met:
a) all taxes are based on shipping or payment address. Address mix is not allowed;
b) store address cannot be used for tax calculation
c) Geo Zones used in taxes cannot intersect each other (excluding All Zones)

Extension support
Free installation and configuration is included with all our modules.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions or share your thoughts on the extension functionality!

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