Summer 2022 updates

Summer 2022 updates

Many events occurred for past several months. The most noticeable event is the release of Opencart 4.0! The community is excited about new features available in Opencart 4. From our perspective, the most useful feature is built-in variants support for products. Many other improvements were aimed to make Opencart code easier for upgrades. Opencart team does not leave a hope to increase the number of their cloud users but a standalone version is still available and that is great. As usual, a couple versions should be passed to get Opencart 4 stable for live stores. Most likely in a year or two, Opencart 4 will be the main platform.

In a few weeks after the Opencart release, we adapted our popular csv product import module and created a new Ka Extensions library for Opencart 4. Development took longer than we expected because we decided to change the way how we create modules. For rapid and robust development we made 'Kamod' engine and bundled it with Ka Extensions. All of our Opencart 4 modules are available in our store under 'Extensions for Opencart 4' category.

Opencart release temporarily stopped our work at the new 'Multivendor' module for Opencart 3 but now this module is available for public testing. This is the first module we decided to publish as a beta version first. At this moment, you can download it for free at our website and check how it works for you. The Mutivendor module helps administrators to create a marketplace or a shared store for multiple sellers.

The 'Multivendor' module for Opencart 3 is based on the kamod engine as well. The latest 'Ka Extensions' library for Opencart 3 includes that engine with some specifics of Opencart 3.

We hope that the multivendor module will find its way to customer hearts and if it happens, new extensions and modules extending its functionality will be developed by our team.

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