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Recommended Opencart version in 2022

At October 4 of 2022 year, Opencart was released although there is Opencart about few months. It looks versy confusing so we decided to share our thoughts on what Opencart version is a good choice at this moment. There might be diff ..
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Posted: 06/10/2022

Summer 2022 updates

Many events occurred for past several months. The most noticeable event is the release of Opencart 4.0! The community is excited about new features available in Opencart 4. From our perspective, the most useful feature is built-in variants support ..
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Posted: 04/08/2022

Quick update

Hi! Regardless of reasonably low activity we are still there. All modules are supported as usual even for Opencart 1.5.x. Mostly we are hardly working on a new complex solution for Opencart that will alllow regular customers to sell their products in t ..
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Posted: 08/05/2022

Price Drop Notifications extension released for Opencart 3

A lot of modules brings a lot of responsibility but sometimes we take a break and create something new. We proud to anounce a new module 'Price Drop Notifications'. No doubt, you know how these price drop buttons work when you wish something, but it ex ..
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Posted: 18/04/2021

Shared wishlist extension released

It was a while since the last news from us, but we did not stop working on our products! A couple of months ago we released a 'Guest wishlist' extension allowing to keep the wishlist information for guests users. Some customers were asking if we have a ..
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Posted: 14/12/2020

Advanced Product Filter module for Opencart 3 released

Opencart filters are flexible but their management is not an easy task. Actually it is hard to imagine a person who will be able to manage them manually. Maybe that is the reason why they are not often used at stores. Although the fitlers is a powerful ..
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Posted: 18/09/2020

Changes to license key activation

We made changes to license key activation. Now, the key cannot be activated on a new store after it was linked to some domain. A store owner has to unlink the key in their account at our website ( before it can be re-used on a new do ..
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Posted: 14/07/2020

Product Files extension released for Opencart 3

Do your products have documentation? Would you like to give customers simple and easy way to download all this information in a one place? If you answered positive to both questions then our new 'Product Files' extension might be interested for you. Wi ..
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Posted: 24/02/2020

Easy Import of Product Cost Price!

A small change in the code, but a big step for manaing the cost price in Opencart online store. We have added the cost price field to the import extension. When 'Cost Price and Profit' extension is installed, the administrator can import that field to ..
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Posted: 17/01/2020

Option Values Pagination extension released for Opencart 3

Quite a long time we kept in mind to fix the issue with one page list of option values on the option edit page. Some customers have enormous amounts of option values in one option and it might bring a total loss of them one day when the server fails to ..
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Posted: 23/12/2019

Cost Price and Profit extension for Opencart 3 released

Are you wondering what items give more profit to you and how much  you have earned for the last quarter? If you are keen on in getting that statistics you can find out this information right away with our new extension 'Cost Price and Profit' for ..
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Posted: 19/12/2019

Advanced Product Search extension released for Opencart 3

Opencart is simple, sometimes too simple in some places. For example, it is not possible to find products by category in the store back-end. Oh, stop! It was not possible until now! We released a new 'Advanced Product Search' extension extending produc ..
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Posted: 21/10/2019

Product Group/Batch Editing released for Opencart 3

As an administrator, wouldn't you want to update a few products at once? Move them from one category to another or enable shipping for all of them, or maybe disable all them at once? Now we released an extension that can help with batch product operati ..
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Posted: 01/10/2019

Major update of CSV Product Import extension for Opencart 3

Our CSV product import extension helps a lot of users to import data but we do not stop improving it. After collecting feedback from our customers we released an updated verson 5.0.6.x (for Opencart 3) which introduces some cool features: - ability ..
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Posted: 19/09/2019

Product Option Images extension released for Opencart 3

We continue to fill out gaps in our product lines! The product variants extension is great, but now it may look even better with the new 'Product Option Images' extension. Instead of selecting standard options, customers can see their thumbnails or cho ..
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Posted: 26/08/2019

Easy Page Navigation extension released for Opencart 3

A new simple but very helpful extension released by our team recently. It allows to navigate through pages by entering a direct number and not by clicking on page links on and on. That might be useful for stores where more than 5000-10000 products or o ..
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Posted: 28/07/2019

We accept Credit cards and PayPal now!

Great news, everyone! We finally accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal at our website. A payment processor is provided by It is a secure and a reliable platform working on a market for a long time. So, don't wait, let's shoppin ..
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Posted: 11/07/2019

Tags Autocompletion extension released for Opencart 3

Today we have expanded our range of modules for Opencart 3 with another great module! The tags autocompletion module allows you to track tags used in the store and eliminate typos in them. With the added functionality, it's easy to add tags to products ..
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Posted: 01/07/2019

Product Option Tooltips extension released for Opencart 3

While we are working on helpdesk upgrade, we will still seek ways to present more great modules to our Opencart community! Today is one days when we proude to anonce a reimplementation of Product Option Tooltips extension for Opencart 3. As customers, ..
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Posted: 20/06/2019

Extended Zones module for Opencart 3 released

He-hey, Fellows!     There is some good news for all of us! One of our old projects is now available for Opencart 3 version. We almost discontinued that extension but one good person asked us, 'Hey, guys, I need this module for O ..
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Posted: 31/05/2019

Direct Order Links extension released

Great news, everyone! We released another module that supplements a set of modules dedicated to improvements of user experience functionality. With the 'Direct Order Links' extension a customer will be able to access the order details without a need to ..
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Posted: 13/05/2019

Tracking Numbers extension for Opencart 3 released

We always wondered why a popular and mature shopping cart like Opencart 3 does not have a native tracking numbers functionality built-in. And we decided to fill in this gap. Let us introduce to you a tracking numbers module for Opencart 3. A full descr ..
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Posted: 22/04/2019

Free shipping teaser module released for Opencart 3

Recently we were obsessed with an idea to have a banch of modules that would cover main needs of users in specific areas of website experience. One of these areas is everything related to shipping cost calculation and the delivery. As you might know we ..
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Posted: 24/03/2019

Abandoned Cart Recovery released for Opencart 3

Hello everyone! It was a busy time out there, we worked hard on several projects but modules development is our primary goal therefore we could not spend several months without releasing a new exciting module! I know, it is not a totally new one, t ..
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Posted: 06/02/2019

Category Filter for Opencart 3 released

A small but convenient module has been released by our team yesterday. It helps the administrator to find categories on the category page in the store back-end. Opencart has a lack of filter features on the category page so we decided to fill a want in ..
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Posted: 28/09/2018

Price Search for Opencart 3 module released

Hello, Guys! We did not write any news for a long time, but now we would like to present a completely new module to you! The module is called 'Price Search'. A name uncovers the core module functionaly, customers can search products by a price range in ..
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Posted: 19/09/2018

Custom shipping methods is available for Opencart 3

Some users are familiar with a great module called 'Custom shipping methods' . Now, we adapted it to Opencart 3. Together with the 'Product shipping methods' extension administrators get an opportunity to configure many custom shipping methods in the s ..
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Posted: 31/05/2018

License checking system is online

Hi, guys! In the last couple of months we spent resources on developing a new license system for ka-station products. It should help us to manage module licenses more thoroughly. The new changes are included to Ka-Extensions library. New ex ..
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Posted: 24/05/2018

Paid Customer Groups released for Opencart 3

Thank you for your patience. We proud to anounce a long time waiting module Paid Customer Groups for Opencart 3. People were familiar with this module for older Opencart versions and it was welcomed very warmly. Now we reworked the module to meet Openc ..
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Posted: 13/03/2018

New modules have arrvied

Product Payment Methods and Product Warranty Registration modules have been released for Opencart 3. The Product Payment Methods module is a sibling of the product shipping methods module, it works in a similar way but allows to control which payment m ..
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Posted: 12/12/2017

Product Shipping Methods for Opencart 3 Released

Product Shipping Methods module was adapted for Opencart 3. The extension allows to specify by which shipping methods a product can be delivered. For example, perishable products should be delivered quickly or hazardous products can be delivered by gro ..
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Posted: 27/10/2017

Restricted Product Access for Opencart 3 is released!

We continue to adapt modules to Opencart 3 version. The process is not easy but it goes on. We are happy to anounce that Restricted Product Access module was released for Opencart 3. You can get more information about this module at this page: http ..
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Posted: 07/10/2017

Task Scheduler for Opencart 3 is released

A new extension was adapted to Opencart 3. This is Task Scheduler. The extension allows to execute custom code automatically according to a specified schedule. CSV Product Import and CSV Product Export extensions supports the Task Scheduler ot of the b ..
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Posted: 30/09/2017

CSV Product Export for Opencart 3 is released

CSV Product Export for Opencart 3 has been released! It took longer than we planned but the results are great. Minor improvements were made to Ka Extensions platform as well. ..
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Posted: 08/09/2017

All extensions are now available in our store

We finally uploaded all extensions to our store! Now they will appear here right after releasing because we have implemented great synchronization routine for automatic file uploading to the store. All files and their compatible versions are visible in ..
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Posted: 14/08/2017

CSV Product Import for Opencart 3 released

We are glad to inform you that CSV Product Import for Opencart 3 is released! You can purchase it at an official Opencart marketplace or in our online store here. We are going to migrate all our modules to Opencart 3 platform, but there is a lot of wor ..
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Posted: 28/07/2017
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