License checking system is online

License checking system is online

Hi, guys!

In the last couple of months we spent resources on developing a new license system for ka-station products. It should help us to manage module licenses more thoroughly. The new changes are included to Ka-Extensions library. New extensions will require that library so please pay attention to the changes if you decide to install or upgrade a module. In case of any troubles or questions, feel free to contact us at or through the 'Contact Us' form directly.

As a customer, you also gets benefits! Now you can see all your licenses under your account at website no matter where you purchased the module. You just need to log in to the website using your email and a password. If you do not the password of your account you can recover it. After logging in to the account you will get an access to your licenses and you can download newest files related to those licenses.

We hope those changes will not bother you, but make license checking is easier for all of us.

Sincerely yours,


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