Extensions for Opencart 2

A list of extensions compatible with Opencart 2

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Extended Zones
The extension allows to define subzones inside standard opencart zones which are distinguished by..
Task Scheduler
The extension enables automatic execution of the adapted module code (compatible with "Task Sched..
Product Payment Methods
The extension allows to specify payment methods applicable to the product. At the checkout there ..
Product Group Editing
The extension allows to change product fields for multiple products at once. It can be used for q..
Read More
The "read more" extension hides long text descriptions and shows a 'Read more' button above them...
CSV Category Import
This extension adds the ability to import categories from a file in csv format. The file can cont..
Option Tooltips
The extension allows to define tooltips for product options that are visible on the product detai..
Restricted Product Access
This extension allows to show products to specified customer groups only. If the user does not be..
Tags autocompletion
The extension allows to choose tags and keywords from a list of predefined tags registered by the..
Paid Customer Groups
The extension allows administrator to sell customer groups as regular products. Users with a spec..
OCMOD Downloader
The extension allows to download ocmod xml files on the 'Modifications' page. It might be useful ..
Abandoned Cart Recovery
The module allows to see a list of customers who did not finish the purchase and send an email no..
File Manager Tweaks
This extension includes a tweak to a standard File Manager. As you may know it does not remember ..
CSV Category Export
This extension adds the ability to export categories to a file in csv format. The file may contai..
Product Warranty
The extension provides the ability to collect and store product warranty information. Registered ..
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