How to increase speed of import process

There can be several reasons why the import process works slow.

1) images are provided as URLs in the file

If images are downloaded from an external server then it may slow down the import significantly. You can enable an option which allows to ignore downloading images if the image exists on the server already. It can be done by setting the 'Skip downloading images for existing files' option on the extension settings page.

2) key field is not the 'model'

The extension is supposed to use the model field as a product key field. If you use other fields like SKU, UPC you should add regular indexes to the product table in the database for these fields.

3) Removing MacOS compatibility (for ver.3.6.1 and newer)

If you do not use files generated on MacOS you can try to disable compatibility with these files from the extension. In order to do that you need to open the model file:


and replace a line:

4) new products may generate SEO keyword slowly

Adding an index to oc_url_alias.query will improve performance of adding new products to the store. It can be done with a query like this one:

ALTER TABLE `oc_url_alias` ADD INDEX ( `query` )

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