How to use extension API

The following actions can be performed by external calls to a store with the 'product licenses' extension installed.

- License linkage to a domain URL
- Product license validation for domain

URLs to these scripts can be found on the extension settings page.

1. License Linkage to Domain URL

Request type: POST

product_license_code - String. Mandatory. It is defined for a product on the 'Licenses' tab.
license_key - String, Mandatory. Example: AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD
url - String, Domain URL with a path. Example:

Result: json
On successful license linkage - {'success':1} will be returned.
On error - an 'error' variable (string) will be returned.

2. Product License Validation for Domain

Request type: GET

product_license_code - string. Mandatory.
license_key - string.
url - string, store url with a path

Result: json
on success - non-empty value for {'valid':1} field.
on error - 'error' string variable

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