How to configure automatic import from external server

1) First, you need to install the 'Task Scheduler' extension and configure a cron script to run the task scheduler itself periodically. It can be verified if you see a green bar on the extension settings page or if you see that the last run time increases periodically on the 'Tasks' page.

2) After you complete installation and configuration of the task scheduler you need to create a profile like "Importing file1.csv" for the import which will be used for importing your file. The source file for the profile has to be specified as a file on the local server, i.e. you need to upload the csv file once manually to the server for setting up the profile. For example it can be a file in the store root directory:

3) When the profile is set and you checked its successful import you need to create a task for importing this file. Time and period are not important here because the task will be called by another task always, but you should check that the task works fine by running it once manually.

4) The last action is to setup a new 'Download file' task which will download your file from an external ftp server and place to a specified location, i.e. the same location should be used in the import profile. In the last parameter of the task configuration page you need to specify the import task as "Run task on completion". Therefore the task scheduler will run the import task right after downloading the file.

After completing all four actions I suggest you run the 'Download file' task manually once and verify that it works fine. If the data was imported successfully then it will import automatically in the future.

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