Where to start with Multivendor extension

After installing the extension we recommend the following steps.

1. Got to the extension settings page and configure the main parameters.

2. Specify there what statuses can be set by vendors as a 'Delivery status'. Theses statuses are related to a process of preparing and submitting a package like 'Package preparation', 'Shipped'. Don't forget to include the paid status there (for example, "Processed") otherwise vendors will not be able to update the delivery status after the order was fully paid by a customer.

3. If you wish to receive confirmation from the customer about delivery then enable the appropriate option there.

4. We strongly recommend you to create a test vendor manually and see if everything works as expected in the front-end. Especially if you have a custom theme or 3rd party modules. In case of any issues, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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