'Safe mode' with Ka Extensions

Ka-Extensions for Opencart 4 and Ka-Extensions for Opencart 3 (since version have a safe operation mode ("Safe Mode") available for administrators. It can be used when the store crashed completely and other options do not work.

In the safe mode, the store will use default Opencart files with minimum inclusion of modified files. It will ignore files in 'kamod cache', modification cache (for Opencart 3), vqmod (partially). This mode should be used only for removing or fixing store settings. Try to avoid removing ka extensions library in that mode otherwise that mode will stop working immediately.

How to activate safe mode

To open the store in the safe mode you have to specify 'route=ka_safe_mode' parameter in the store back-end url.
For example, your store back-end URL looks like this:

in that case you need to open the following URL with the safe mode parameter:

In 'Ka Extensions' ver. (for Opencart 3) and newer the second 'code' parameter is required. The code is defined on the 'Ka Extensions settings' page. With the code parameter the URL for Opencart 3 will look like this where NNNNN is your code from the settings page.

In case of the 'safe mode' activation, you will be prompted to login to the store under an administrator account. On successful login, you may see a 'page not found' notice, but it is correct because there is no real page at the specified route.

To exit the safe mode, you have to close the browser and open it again.

FOR OPENCART 4 USERS: Do not uninstall the 'Ka Extensions' library under the safe mode. It may lead to an incorrect state of the 'vendor.php' file which will result to an unrecoverable fatal error.

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