How to import product variants (Opencart 4 and newer)

Opencart Variants Short Overview

Opencart 4 adds the ability to specify variants of a product. Opencart variant is a product linked to the main product (master product) and has fields filled in from the master product.

Product options are defined for the master product. For each variant product, the administrator can select options of the particular variant.

To add variant products manually you need to click on the 'dropdown button' of a product at the product list page.


How to import Variants

The csv product import extension can import Opencart product variants basing on the model and master-model fields. Products with the 'master-model' field will be created as variants of that master product. Here is a sample file with several product variants. One of the records is the master product (that record has the empty master model field).

Here is a screenshot of the second import step where the master model field is shown.


If the variants were imported correctly, you will see them on the products list page with a different background color.


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