How to remove ka-extensions from the store (Opencart 2/3)

Ka-extensions is a set of php/twig files and an ocmod modification. In order to remove it please make sure that no other extensions developed by our company are used because they depend on ka-extensions functionality.

Deleting the ka-extensions library is similar to deleting any other extension. Usually, it is sufficient to delete just the modification from the 'Modifications' page because other files will not be affected.

Steps to delete ka-extensions modification

1) Open the 'Modifications' page in the store back-end and delete ka-extensions record there.

2) Refresh the modifications

3) clear the twig cache (here is an article describing it: )

4) clear vqmod cache and vqmod/*.cache files (if applicable to your store)

5) clear lightning plugin cache (if applicable to your store)

6) clear theme caches like Journal 3 cache (if applicable to your store)

7) some caching might occur in other server layers, but usually it the cache updates there automatically.

8) Check the website functionality in an incognito browser mode because you might see things that have gone already from the website.

These steps are sufficient for making a standard Opencart store unaffected by ka-extensions library.

Additionally you can remove files shipped together with ka-extensions. Their complete list changes and it is better to compare them with the files inside the ka-extensions archive file. All files (not directories) from the 'upload' directory belong to ka-extensions and can be safely deleted.

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