Dynamic content - Where to start

We assume you have installed and activated the extension successfully.

The purpose of the extension is to create landing pages or some other pages grouping products by a common text. At the present moment, it is possible to group products by a substring in product names and product description.

How to create a category with a dynamic content

1) Go to the 'Categories' page in the store back-end and create a new category.

2) On the 'Dynamic content' tab, define a substring for search. Save the category.

3) If the settings were saved correctly, you should see a new 'Refresh' action on the categories list next to your new category. Click on this action to generate products for that category.

4) Now you have a category with generated content and you can provide this link to customers.

5) To get the most of extension functionality, you should setup a new task for generating the content. It can be done with the 'Task Scheduler' extension which is provided separately here:

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