How to check that the module is installed correctly

1. The module has to be listed on the 'Ka Extensions' page. It has to be activated and 'Registered' (for Opencart 3)


2. Go the 'Task Scheduler' page (System / Task Scheduler) and check that the date is not older than 24 hours.

4. If the date is older than 24 hours find the execution URL available on the module settings.

Insert this URL manually to a new browser tab (in Incognito mode) and see the results. It should show no errors and no web authentication protection dialog.

5. Make sure that the execution URL is inserted to a list of cron jobs in your server control panel. You can try to install it by clicking on the 'Install' button on the list task scheduler settings page. Also, hosting team should be able to assist you with inserting a new cron job there.

If you need any assistance with task scheduler configuration, feel free to contact us at

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