How to Recover Opencart 2/3 Store

There are steps described below to recover Opencart 2/3 based store when it does not respond at all. It may happen because of many reasons but all of them usually lead to an error in the generated code.

After clicking a 'Refresh' button or uploading a modification (in some cases) an opencart 2/3 store creates a cache of modified files. A modification directory can be found by checking the config.php file.

For Opencart 2.0.x usually it is located here:

For Opencart 2.1.0 and newer

In some cases the storage directory can be moved out to a different location. Please check the config.php file to find out the right location of the modification directory.

Therefore if you would like to restore your shop to a default state you should delete all files in the 'modification' directory. In order to do this you should access the store through ftp/ssh.

Tip: if you use vqmod in addition, then you should delete files in '/vqmod/vqcache' directory as well.

After deleting the files the store should be accessible through a web interface where you can log in as an administrator and open the 'Modifications' page. On that page you should delete the modification which produces an error. After performing this action, regenerate the cache again by clicking on the 'Refresh' button there.

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