How to import images and additional images

1. Defining multiple additional images in the file

Several additional images can be imported for a product. They can be defined in one line and separated with 'additional image separator' which is defined on the extension settings page. Here is an example when you specify images via URLs:


Here is an example with local paths (we assume that these files are located in the opencart image directory):

Another option is to define images on separate lines for the same product.

2. Uploading images from your computer

If you have images on your computer and you would like to import them to the store you will need to upload these images to your hosting server via ftp first. Images should be located under the '<store root dir>/image' directory. After uploading these files to the server you will be able to define paths to them in a csv file. Here is an example:

You have images in a 'C:\users\john\t-shirts' directory on your computer. You upload the 't-shirts' directory to your store via ftp here:
<store root dir>/image/t-shirts

image paths will look like these:
<store root dir>/image/t-shirts/img1.png
<store root dir>/image/t-shirts/img2.png
<store root dir>/image/t-shirts/img3.png

Now you can specify images in the csv file. If we leave the 'Path to Images Directory' setting empty then csv lines will be the following:

There is a good video tutorial about how to upload images from your computer to the store:

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