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CSV Category Import (Opencart 3)
csv category import ..
Read More (Opencart 3)
The "read more" extension hides long text descriptions and shows a 'Read more' button above them...
CSV Customer Export (Opencart 3)
This extension adds the ability to export customers to a file in csv format. Main features ..
SEO URLs for Extra Pages (Opencart 3)
The extension adds the ability to specify SEO URLs for extra pages. DEMO STORE ===========..
CSV Order Export (Opencart 3)
This extension adds the ability to export orders to a file in csv format. Main features - ..
Tags Autocompletion (Opencart 3)
The extension helps to choose tags and keywords from a list of predefined tags registered by the ..
CSV Unified Export Library (Opencart 3)
This is a shared library used by other modules. ..
Wholesale Prices Display (Opencart 3)
The extension shows wholesale (discount) product prices on the category list and product search p..
Dynamic Category Products (Opencart 3)
The extension allows to add products for categories by a text found in their names or description..
Wishlist for Guests (Opencart 3)
Some people do not want to register at the store or they don't have time for that, but they might..
Hidden Products (Opencart 3)
The extension enables hiding a product in the front-end. The product can be accessed by a direct ..
Ka Extensions library (Opencart 3)
Ka Extensions is a library containing a shared code of extensions developed by karapuz. It does n..
Load More (Opencart 3)
The extension adds a 'Load more' button to show continuous view of products on standard Opencart ..
[DISCONTINUED] Price Search (Opencart 3)
This extension was discontinued and replaced by the advanced product filter extension available h..
Paid Customer Groups (Opencart 3)
The extension allows administrator to sell customer groups as regular products. Users with a spec..
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