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Category Filter (Opencart 3)
The extension helps an administrator to find categories on the category list page in the store ba..
Tags Autocompletion (Opencart 3)
The extension helps to choose tags and keywords from a list of predefined tags registered by the ..
Easy Page Navigation (Opencart 3)
The extension allows to open a specific page by a number. It works on all standard pages where th..
Product Group Editing (Opencart 3)
The extension allows to change product fields for multiple products at once. It can be used for q..
Advanced Product Search (Opencart 3)
The extension adds new filter parameters to the product list page in the store back-end. The admi..
Option Values Pagination (Opencart 3)
The extensions adds pagination for option values on the option edit page in the store back-end. I..
Apply Button extension
Adds Apply (save & stay) button to ALL default forms of your store: products, categories, cus..
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