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Category Filter for Opencart 3 released

A small but convenient module has been released by our team yesterday. It helps the administrator to find categories on the category page in the store back-end. Opencart has a lack of filter features on the category page so we decided to fill a want in ..
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Posted: 28/09/2018

Price Search for Opencart 3 module released

Hello, Guys! We did not write any news for a long time, but now we would like to present a completely new module to you! The module is called 'Price Search'. A name uncovers the core module functionaly, customers can search products by a price range in ..
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Posted: 19/09/2018

Custom shipping methods is available for Opencart 3

Some users are familiar with a great module called 'Custom shipping methods' . Now, we adapted it to Opencart 3. Together with the 'Product shipping methods' extension administrators get an opportunity to configure many custom shipping methods in the s ..
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Posted: 31/05/2018

License checking system is online

Hi, guys! In the last couple of months we spent resources on developing a new license system for ka-station products. It should help us to manage module licenses more thoroughly. The new changes are included to Ka-Extensions library. New ex ..
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Posted: 24/05/2018

Paid Customer Groups released for Opencart 3

Thank you for your patience. We proud to anounce a long time waiting module Paid Customer Groups for Opencart 3. People were familiar with this module for older Opencart versions and it was welcomed very warmly. Now we reworked the module to meet Openc ..
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Posted: 13/03/2018

New modules have arrvied

Product Payment Methods and Product Warranty Registration modules have been released for Opencart 3. The Product Payment Methods module is a sibling of the product shipping methods module, it works in a similar way but allows to control which payment m ..
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Posted: 12/12/2017

Product Shipping Methods for Opencart 3 Released

Product Shipping Methods module was adapted for Opencart 3. The extension allows to specify by which shipping methods a product can be delivered. For example, perishable products should be delivered quickly or hazardous products can be delivered by gro ..
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Posted: 27/10/2017

Restricted Product Access for Opencart 3 is released!

We continue to adapt modules to Opencart 3 version. The process is not easy but it goes on. We are happy to anounce that Restricted Product Access module was released for Opencart 3. You can get more information about this module at this page: http ..
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Posted: 07/10/2017

Task Scheduler for Opencart 3 is released

A new extension was adapted to Opencart 3. This is Task Scheduler. The extension allows to execute custom code automatically according to a specified schedule. CSV Product Import and CSV Product Export extensions supports the Task Scheduler ot of the b ..
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Posted: 30/09/2017

CSV Product Export for Opencart 3 is released

CSV Product Export for Opencart 3 has been released! It took longer than we planned but the results are great. Minor improvements were made to Ka Extensions platform as well. ..
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Posted: 08/09/2017

All extensions are now available in our store

We finally uploaded all extensions to our store! Now they will appear here right after releasing because we have implemented great synchronization routine for automatic file uploading to the store. All files and their compatible versions are visible in ..
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Posted: 14/08/2017

CSV Product Import for Opencart 3 released

We are glad to inform you that CSV Product Import for Opencart 3 is released! You can purchase it at an official Opencart marketplace or in our online store here. We are going to migrate all our modules to Opencart 3 platform, but there is a lot of wor ..
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Posted: 28/07/2017
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